Why Is Yasuo Cancerous?

Who is the hardest champion in league?

KalistaThe hardest champion to master is hands down Kalista.

It takes a lot of coordination between Kalista and her partner to land the perfect ult..

How many champions should I Main?

It’s best to have a pool of 3 champs that you’re comfortable with for your primary and secondary roles. I usually have 1 go to champion that I almost always pick but I have the 2 back ups just in case.

Riot has confirmed that Yasuo is by far the most popular champion in the game in terms of sales and it’s not even remotely close. He’s head and shoulders above everything.

How good is Yasuo?

Yasuo is very strong, almost broken in that aspect, but he also is a very hard champion and very team reliant, that’s why most of them feed so hard.

Is Irelia harder than riven?

Irelia is harder, Riven is very forgiving atm. Riven is probably the most skilled champ on the game, riot still needs to create one more than her if its even possible, no joke.

Is Yasuo difficult?

TL;DR: Yasuo is difficult because he has lots of options each second, and you have to choose the best one. It’s also not easy to execute these plans of action, as his skills require precise movements.

Is Vayne broken?

At a 51% wr with a 22.5% playrate, Vayne is broken. Vayne is supposed to be an extremely high skillcap champion, and those numbers strongly indicate that the average person is overperforming on her because she is way too strong, and the culprit is her ultimate.

Is riven harder than Yasuo?

Yasuo and riven are difficult on paper but easy in action, Asol is easy on paper but difficult in action. Yes we can all agree that Aurelion Sol is an hard champion, but the only reason that makes his play rate so low is because his kit is extremely boring compared to Yas and Riven’s smooth and “playmaker” kits.

Why is Yasuo banned so much?

Basically they have started making more and more overloaded champs. Yasuo started it, and people have been dealing with his infuriating kit for so long that pretty much anyone that does not main him at this point hates the champ. Hence the #1 banned champ regardless of winrate.

Is Yasuo good in low Elo?

Being a good Yas is hard. Might as well pick something brain dead and simple for your secondary those doesn’t require 1000s of hours of practice to get good at so you can focus on your main. Yasuo in low elo is generally a bad idea.

Is Yasuo a cancer?

The nado into ultimate makes it possible to turn chasing him into 1v5 pentakill if you poor souls happen to stand in the line – frustrating. So, basically, each of his abilities is cancer. Therefore, he is cancer as a whole.

Can Irelia carry low ELO?

Irelia. If you’re looking for a champion for the top lane, one of the best champs to carry in low elo is Irelia. She is an excellent duelist, she can outplay almost every champion while she is really strong split pushing side lanes.

What is Yasuo ban rate?

45.57 percentPyke is sitting at a 46.23 percent ban rate, according to OP.gg. Yasuo is right behind him at 45.57 percent.

Is Nasus good in low Elo?

He’s good in low elo because people don’t really deny your farm as well as they should and also games are longer. Therefore you get to scale and kill everyone. … So with nasus you need to understand that your early game sucks, your mid-late game is how you win.

Is Zed harder than Yasuo?

Yasuo is VERY matchup dependent and team comp dependant. Both are fairly easy but can be incredibly well when mastered. Honestly, I’d say Zed is harder because if he messes up his kit is less forgiving.