Who Is Steve McNair’S Wife?

Is Eddie George in the Hall of Fame?

The Pro Football Hall of Fame on Thursday announced its modern-era candidate list of 122 nominees for the Class of 2020, and it includes former Titans running back Eddie George.

George, who has been retired since 2004, has been eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame since 2010..

What happened to Steve McNair’s wife?

Sahel “Jenni” Kazemi was dressed in pink shorts with a pink tank top and a matching bow in her hair when, sometime in the early hours of July 4, 2009, police say, she fatally shot Steve McNair twice in the head and twice more in the chest in a condominium on Lea Avenue in downtown Nashville.

Who got Steve McNair’s estate?

Steve McNair’s sons get trust money Trenton and Tyler McNair, age 5 and 11 when their father was slain in 2009, stand to inherit millions more once the bulk of the former quarterback’s estate is unfrozen.

Who killed Sahel Kazemi?

McNairOn July 4, 2009, McNair was fatally shot by his mistress, Sahel Kazemi, in a murder–suicide….Steve McNair.No. 9Weight:230 lb (104 kg)Career informationHigh school:Mount Olive (Mount Olive, Mississippi)College:Alcorn State18 more rows

Who is Mechelle McNair dating?

Steve McNairDating History 1#PartnerType1Steve McNairMarried

Who did the Tennessee Titans used to be?

Tennessee OilersTennessee Titans/Former namesIn 1997, the Oilers became the first NFL team to call Tennessee home when the franchise relocated to the Volunteer state. Two years later in 1999, the franchise retired the nickname Oilers and became known as the Titans.

Is Steve McNair’s wife remarried?

Mechelle is 45 now, and she does not look old enough to be dropping a son off at college. She was slow to trust after her husband’s death and never remarried. She already had two men in her in life: Tyler, 19, and Trent, who just turned 14.

What was Steve McNair’s net worth?

Steve McNair Net Worth: Steve McNair was an American football player who had a net worth of $26 Million. Born Stephen LaTreal McNair (February 14, 1973 – July 4, 2009) in Mount Olive, Mississippi, he served as quarterback during his entire National Football League (NFL) career.

Will Steve McNair make the Hall of Fame?

In 2019, though, he wasn’t. The College Football Hall of Fame does not release vote totals from the balloting, but McNair was not among the 13 players to be enshrined.

Who killed Steve?

Steve IrwinCause of deathStingray injury to the heartNationalityAustralianOther names”The Crocodile Hunter”OccupationNaturalist, zoologist, conservationist, television personality, herpetologist11 more rows