What Is The Effect Of Playing Online Games?

What is the positive effect of playing online games?

Online games develop skills Such concentration shapes your brain by enhancing the development of interpersonal and cognitive skills.

Children who play online games sharpen their skills through the games, and thus, perform better in school..

How do games affect students?

Positive Effects of Gaming on Student Performance. … The study showed that students who play games online almost every day scored 15 percent higher than the average student in math and reading and 17 percent higher than the average student in science.

What are the positive and negative effects of playing online games?

Bad Academic Performance – Playing online games for a long time will create a negative impact on your child’s academic performance. The more your children spend in playing online games, the sooner they fall asleep. Lack of concentration will be an issue to the children that spend more time in playing online games.

What are the effects of online games to students?

College students spending too much time on online games every week tend to suffer from worsened learning ability, concentration problems, poor academic performance, and decreased interactions with other people.

What are the bad effects of playing online games?

Further research shows that gaming disorders can also be linked with anxiety, depression, obesity, sleeping disorders, and stress. People who remain physically inactive for long periods because of gaming may also be at higher risk of obesity, sleep disorders, and other health-related issues, according to WHO [1].