Quick Answer: Who Is Number 7 On The Vikings?

Who is number 13 on the Vikings?

Dillon MitchellDillon Mitchell #13 News, Stats, Photos – Minnesota Vikings – NFL – MSN Sports..

Who is QB for Vikings today?

Trevor SiemianVikings New QB Trevor Siemian.

Who is the current Vikings quarterback?

Kirk CousinsSean MannionMinnesota Vikings/Quarterbacks

Who is 23 on the Vikings?

Mike BooneMike Boone #23 News, Stats, Photos – Minnesota Vikings – NFL – MSN Sports.

Who is 44 on the Vikings?

Terrell NewbyTerrell Newby #44 News, Stats, Photos – Minnesota Vikings – NFL – MSN Sports.

Who is the Vikings 3rd string quarterback?

Kirk CousinsOffensePositionFirstThirdTEKyle RudolphTyler ConklinWRAdam ThielenK.J. OsbornQBKirk CousinsHBDalvin CookAmeer Abdullah7 more rows

Who is 28 on the Vikings?

Detroit LionsHe was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings seventh overall in the 2007 NFL Draft. As a rookie, he set an NFL record for the most rushing yards in a single game (296) and was named NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year….Adrian Peterson.No. 28 – Detroit LionsWeight:220 lb (100 kg)Career informationHigh school:PalestineCollege:Oklahoma18 more rows

Who is number 29 on the Vikings?

Kris BoydKris Boyd #29 News, Stats, Photos – Minnesota Vikings – NFL – MSN Sports.

Who is number 20 on the Vikings?

Jeff GladneyJeff Gladney #20 News, Stats, Photos – Minnesota Vikings – NFL – MSN Sports.

Who are the Vikings tight ends?

What type of relationship and dynamic can one expect from Minnesota Vikings tight ends Kyle Rudolph and Irv Smith Jr.

Who is the oldest player on the Vikings?

Terence Newman (born September 4, 1978) is a former American football cornerback who currently serves as nickel/defensive backs coach for the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League (NFL).

Who wore 81 for the Vikings?

Anthony Carter81. As a bonus, do it to honor Anthony Carter as well. He spent nine seasons with the Vikings and had one of the greatest playoff performances in franchise history in the 1987 divisional round. Carter is currently third in team history in receiving yards and touchdowns and fourth in receptions.

Who is number 11 on the Vikings?

TreadwellTreadwell was drafted as the 23rd overall pick by the Minnesota Vikings in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft. On April 29, it was announced that Treadwell, who wore No. 1 at Ole Miss, would wear No. 11 for the Vikings, a number that stayed ownerless after wide receiver Mike Wallace was released in March.

Who lost a finger on the Vikings?

Kevin McDermottMinnesota Vikings long snapper Kevin McDermott suffered a gruesome finger injury in his team’s 38-31 loss to the Rams – yet still returned to the game. McDermott lost the tip of his pinky when it got stuck in another player’s face mask mid-game, according to a report from ESPN.

Who’s number 25 on the Vikings?

Alexander MattisonNo. 25 – Minnesota VikingsPosition:Running backPersonal informationBorn:June 19, 1998 San Bernardino, CaliforniaHeight:5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)15 more rows