Quick Answer: What Size Breaker Do I Need For A 80 Gallon Water Heater?

Why are 80 gallon water heaters discontinued?

This law applies to electric and gas hot water heaters.

The gas hot water heaters are still available because the makers could make changes to the tanks that brought them into compliance.

The 60, 80.

and 100 gallon tanks are not efficient enough to meet the new energy requirements..

Are 2 80 gallon water heaters better than 80 gallon?

The advantage of TWO heaters is that you get twice the recovery rate, since EACH one will heat water at the same rate as the single 80 gallon one will.

Do I need a 50 or 80 gallon water heater?

Typically, the rule-of-thumb is that you want a 40 gallon tank for 1 to 4 people, a 50 gallon tank for 4 to 6 people, and a 50 gallon high recovery or 75 gallon tank for 6 to 8 people. Energy consumption for 40 and 50 gallon standard water heaters is quite comparable.

How many amps does a dryer use?

Ratings of commonly used household appliancesDomestic Portable ApplianceAmps UsedWatts UsedWashing machine102200Toaster9.02000Tumble dryer11.02500Dishwasher10.0220018 more rows

How many amps does a 40 gallon electric water heater draw?

Bottom line, For a 4500w heater w/240v it will draw 4500/240 or 18.75 amps so #10 wire and either 25 or 30 amp breaker, depending on code.

How long does it take to heat an 80 gallon water heater?

60 to 70 minutesA 40-gallon tank will take between 30 and 40 minutes whereas an 80-gallon tank will take 60 to 70 minutes.

How many amps does a 10 gallon water heater pull?

16.7 A Amps10 gal., 120 VAC, 16.7 A Amps, Residential Mini Tank Water Heater.

How many amps does a gas water heater use?

120 ampsOne whole-house tankless water heater has four 7,000-watt elements, for a total electrical load of 28,000 watts. This load re- quires wire and a circuit breaker that will handle at least 120 amps, at a cost many times that of electrical service to a conventional tank water heater.

How big of a breaker do I need for a water heater?

Electric water heaters require a 240-volt dedicated circuit, which serves only the water heater and no other appliances or devices. The circuit wiring typically includes a 30-amp double-pole breaker and 10-2 non-metallic (NM) or MC cable.

What size breaker do I need for a 60 gallon water heater?

Make sure your electrical complies with safety standards3800 W 40 gallons – 60 gallons – EcoPeak4500 W 60 gallonsBreaker20 or 30 amps25 or 30 amps

How many watts does a 6 gallon water heater use?

20006-Year 2000-Watt Single Element Electric Point-Of-Use Water Heater.

What size breaker do I need for a 4500w water heater?

A 4500-watt element requires 10/2 wire and a 30 amp (220volt) breaker.

How many amps does a 50 gallon water heater use?

18.75 ampsA typical 50 gallon electric water heater runs at 4500 watts. In an electric circuit of 240 volts, 4500 watts is equivalent to 18.75 amps.

Can you use 12 2 wire for a water heater?

Can you use 12 2 wire for a water heater? No need for a neutral. You may be able to tape the white cable with red tape and have it used as a hot feeder. A 12-2 w/ground should be enough, although I would use a 10/2 for future “upgradability”.

Should I replace my 20 year old water heater?

Generally, most water heaters that are more than 10 years old should be considered for replacement. If your water heater is in a location that will not cause damage if there is a leak, you can wait until it develops a leak before replacing it, but that really is not recommended.

How many watts does an 80 gallon water heater use?

Water heaters running on 120-volt power have a long recovery time, which is impractical for most households; 120-volt elements consume 1125 watts, while residential 240-volt heaters use 4,500 watts.

What size breaker do I need for a 50 gallon water heater?

One may also ask, what size breaker do I need for a 50 gallon water heater? The standard for water heater circuits is #10, two conductors with ground (10/2) and a 30 amp circuit breaker for a water heater.

Does instant water heater consume more electricity?

Generally, instant water heaters only consume electrical energy when in use, so they tend to cost less to operate. Conversely, because storage water heaters take more time to heat up, they tend to consume more electrical energy, which may lead to higher electrical operating cost.