Quick Answer: What Is James Paxton Nickname?

What is James Paxton salary?

507,500 USD (2016)James Paxton/Salary.

Is James Paxton married?

Katie Joe PaxtonJames Paxton/Spouse

What happened James Paxton?

James Paxton suffered a setback Wednesday. The Yankees left-hander, who is on the injured list with a strained forearm flexor, “felt a little sore” after throwing Wednesday and won’t throw for “a couple days,” Yankees manager Aaron Boone said on his weekly WFAN appearance.

Does Bill Paxton have a daughter?

Lydia PaxtonBill Paxton/Daughters

Is Bill Paxton dead?

Deceased (1955–2017)Bill Paxton/Living or Deceased

How fast does James Paxton throw?

95.8 mphPaxton’s average four-seam fastball velocity is 95.8 mph for his career.

Who does James Paxton play for?

New York Yankees#65 / PitcherJames Paxton/Current teams

Where did James Paxton go to college?

University of KentuckyJames Paxton/College

Is James Paxton Bill Paxton’s son?

James Paxton, Bill Paxton’s Son, Is Taking Over His Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Role.

Is Paxton injured?

The Yankees transferred James Paxton to the 45-day injured list. … The left-hander hit the injured list a couple weeks ago after being diagnosed with a flexor strain in his left forearm, and after attempting to throw on flat ground last Wednesday, he experienced pain and was shut down until further notice.

Is the actor Bill Paxton alive?

Deceased (1955–2017)Bill Paxton/Living or Deceased