Quick Answer: What Are The Nightingale Powers?

Which agent is strife?

Agent of Strife: The Full Moon represents this power, Nightingale Strife, which allows you to instantly absorb 100 Health points from a target once per day..

How do I get Nightingale Armor?

Nightingale Armor is acquired during the Thieves Guild quest “Trinity Restored”.

What is Nightingale armor made of?

Nightingale Armor is a set of light levelled armour given as a reward for the quest Trinity Restored during The Thieves’ Guild quest line. It consists of 4 pieces: chest armor, gloves, boots and a hood all of which can be improved with Void Salts.

Can you get the skeleton key back?

3 Answers. Unless you use the console there is no way to get the Skeleton Key back. However, if you’ve got high enough lockpicking and have invested some perks that way, you could always grab the “Unbreakable” perk, which makes regular lockpicks work the same way as the skeleton key. ‘

Can you marry Karita Skyrim?

If you visit Dawnstar, and pop into the Windpeak Inn you will meet Karita. Even if you become the Thane of Dawnstar, and even if you help Karita’s father with his pointless chores, it won’t work. … You can’t marry Karita!

How does Shadowcloak of nocturnal work?

Shadowcloak of Nocturnal is a power awarded to the Dragonborn by Nocturnal in the final Thieves Guild quest “Darkness Returns.” Stepping on the Crescent Moon platform confers this power. The Dragonborn can return once a day to the Ebonmere to replace it with the powers Nightingale Subterfuge or Nightingale Strife.

What does the silence perk do in Skyrim?

1 Answer. Silence removes all noise that your character makes from movement while in stealth mode. Effectively, this means that you must be seen (or smelled) to be detected.

Is the Nightingale Armor leveled?

The Nightingale Armor is a unique light armor set that appears in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. … Because the armor is leveled, the magnitude of the enchantments and value are contingent upon character level.

Can you become guild master without returning the skeleton key?

It is recommended to not return the Skeleton Key until either reaching the Unbreakable lockpick perk, or are able to become the Thieves Guild Guildmaster, as the Skeleton Key must be returned to do that. … After the completion of this quest, a shrine to Nocturnal will appear in the Thieves Guild Cistern.

What does it mean to be a nightingale?

A nightingale is a very small bird with a beautiful, loud song. If you hear the distinctive whistles of the nightingale, it is most likely a male bird seeking a mate. Nightingales got their name because of the unattached male’s habit of singing long into the night (although nightingales also sing during the day).

Can you level up lockpicking with the skeleton key?

The best way of boosting the skill is to get the Skeleton Key as soon as possible by completing the “Blindedsided” quest for the Thieves Guild. … This will raise your lockpicking skill very quckly.

Can I have 2 wives in Skyrim?

You must kill your current spouse and wear the amulet to bring up potential “Are you interested” dialog options again. This mod claims to allow polygamy. You could kill your spouse then marry again then do the console command “resurrect” on your dead spouse and then you have 2.

How do you use Nightingale powers?

Instantly absorb 100 points of Health from the target. Use them as you would your race abilities or dragon shouts, allocate on of them to your Z key (PC default, whatever it is on console) and press it to use the power.

Can you marry Karliah?

Karliah is marriable and can be a follower. … Then go to Nightingale Hall and speak with Karliah. She should have follower lines right away, for marriage lines you must be wearing an Amulet of Mara, like with any other regular candidate for marriage. Give her flowers and she will take off her hood.

What is the right eye of the Falmer for?

There is no quest attached to the Right Eye of the Falmer, so it can be sold to merchants who buy stolen goods.

How do I get into Nightingale Hall?

It is only accessible after starting the Thieves Guild quest “Trinity Restored.” On the first visit there is very little of interest to speak of inside Nightingale Hall aside from some bed rolls, two chests with some minor loot, and two skill books: The Red Kitchen Reader and Purloined Shadows.

How do I change my nightingale power?

re: Nightingale role/power Go to the room where you change your powers and wait 24 hours. Then walk to where the moon floor panel should be. You’ll get a new power. If it doesn’t work, try wearing all nightingale armor.

Should I keep the skeleton key?

After you get the perk, return the Skeleton Key to Twilight Spechuler. There’s no penalty for keeping the key, except that you can’t continue the guild questline. … Keeping the Skeleton Key just gives you an unbreakable lockpick.

How do I get thieves guild master armor?

Acquisition. The armor is obtained from Tonilia during the quest “Under New Management.” This quest can only be started after returning the Thieves Guild to its former glory, which includes completing the main Thieves Guild quest line and all city influence quests for Delvin Mallory and/or Vex.

Who is best wife in Skyrim?

Aela The HuntressThe most popular and best wife in Skyrim, according to the community, is undoubtedly Aela The Huntress. She’s a member of the Companions and also a Werewolf, following the teachings of Hircine. She feels great pride over her true nature and is a skilled archer.