Question: What Does Gape Mean?

What are grudges?


Grudge, malice, spite refer to ill will held against another or others.

A grudge is a feeling of resentment harbored because of some real or fancied wrong: to hold a grudge because of jealousy; She has a grudge against him..

Why do wolves yawn?

It can be used as a threat display in some species. Yawning can occur during times of social conflict and stress, something researchers call a displacement behavior. And that wide-open mouth can be contagious, especially in social species such as humans, chimpanzees, bonobos, macaques and wolves.

Is Frigid a bad word?

Frigid, adj ‘Frigid’ is so commonly used to describe a woman ‘lacking sexual responsiveness’ that even the dictionary defines that meaning as being “especially of a woman.” Because, of course, men are sexually perfect every time.

How do you use gape in a sentence?

Examples of gape in a Sentence Verb she suddenly realized she had been gaping at the good-looking waiter instead of giving him her order Noun I told him to stop staring, that his rather stupid gape was annoying.

Why do we gape?

When we see someone smile or frown, we imitate them to feel happiness or sadness. We catch yawns for the same reasons—we see a yawn, so we yawn. “It isn’t a deliberate attempt to empathize with you,” Campbell says.

Why do so many animals yawn?

Benjamin Hart, DVM, PhD, DACVB, distinguished professor emeritus at the University of California–Davis said that while the common belief is that yawning expands the lungs and oxygenates the brain, many animals yawn without low oxygen levels. The leading hypothesis is that yawning cools the brain.

What does it mean to gape at someone?

gape at (someone or something) To stare at someone or something in surprise, typically with the mouth open. I have some great pictures of the kids gaping at the giraffes at the zoo.

What does it mean when someone yawns after you?

Yawning is a sign of empathy Catching yawns may be an unconscious sign that you’re attuned to other people’s emotions, in the same way you might automatically smile or frown at someone when they do the same to you.

Which animal yawns most?

And thanks to some dutiful research by yawn specialists, we now know more about yawns than ever. That is to say: Mammals with bigger and better brains have the longest yawns in the animal kingdom….When it comes to the yawn game, here’s the top 10:Chimpanzee.Camel.Walrus.Gibbon.Gorilla.Horse.Lion.White-fronted capuchin.More items…•

Why do humans yawn?

One is that when we are bored or tired, we just don’t breathe as deeply as we usually do. As this theory goes, our bodies take in less oxygen because our breathing has slowed. Therefore, yawning helps us bring more oxygen into the blood and move more carbon dioxide out of the blood.

Is gape a Scrabble word?

GAPE is a valid scrabble word.

What is another word for gaping?

In this page you can discover 28 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for gaping, like: broad, cavernous, great, open, ringent, vast, wide-open, closed, shut, abyssal and yawning.

What does gape mean in slang?

to open the mouth widelyGape is defined as to open the mouth widely, such as to yawn or in surprise.